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My name is Rich, friends call me Griz. I'm a Pisces and I love long walks on the beach...blah, blah, blah Really, I'm a Pisces and love long naps and fiestas on the beach! I don't have no answers or life figured out, but I don't bitch or worry about it.

What I have figured out is this... Life throws a few curveballs at us, learn to hit the ball! I've known what it means to lose and miss out, but I've also learned what's important.

I've been single for some time now, and there's the good days and there's the bad days. I'm not the Dad in your life you resent, the ex-boyfriend or ex-husband that cheated on you, nor am I the friend that F'ed you over.

Don't hold others transgressions against me, I'm Griz, not them! Unique in every form of the word. I probably will never say the right thing, I'm not the richest, definately not the funniest, nor am I the best looking, but I'm real, and I'm pretty much a big deal.

I have self-respect so sorry ladies, won't put nude pics up, there's plenty crazy asses on here that will, go look them up. Sex clubs richmond hill on *****ATTN***** I'm in shape, and expect YOU TO BE somewhat AS WELL!!! If you have the slightest doubt that I may not be attracted to you, then plz save us both some time and don't write me.

I am far from egotistical, shallow, or insensative. However, if the initial attraction is not there, then how will we be able to go on? Plain and simple; honesty and a respect! Don't use words like yo, holla, fo sho, word, ma boo, pimpin, or call me baby.

Ladies, "Nice tatt..." is not a pickup line! Be original. I'm confident and educated, I expect you to be the same. I am from Wisconsin, but live in NC. I seek refuge at the beach, and enjoy a simple life.

PS- I do not accept IMs, 's IM sux, and most of the ones I get are from ppl that should'nt be IMing me anyways! So sorry if I sound rude or rough around the edges, if not then come on and talk to me, you won't be disappointed!

Wild & Full Of Out Door Live

Well, currently I'm in Lemoore helping a loved one out with her day-to-day life routines her home! (My Mother) Like all good Son's should do....But a Son does have too get out and PLAY once in a while!!! (Home Is Morro Bay, CA) But I'm back and forth and I'm looking for a either a play mate or play mates either in the Lemoore area or by the sea in Morro Bay that would enjoy the same.

I love (OUT DOOR SEX) and being back here on the farm in Lemoore where I was raised next to the "Kings River" with it's miles and miles of river, I just get a hardon seeing all my old "Hiding" places that I use to lay in and do my thing when I was a teenager! Looking for a buddy or a couple that would enjoy the same! Biggest Turn On, a man sitting on my chest, skull F.

.king my face! Next Turn On, A good old fashion (69) when we are both in perfect sync and if feels like (you and I) are sucking off ourselves! OH YA! (Either One Works For Me).

...Turn Off's, trying to enjoy being the "Bottom" Man, been there, done that, but unless I'm really, really drunk, I don't enjoy it! :-) .....So if the (Out Doors) is your thing also, drop me an e-mail at (rvmanmb sbcglobal net).

..fill in the spaces with & . and let's play on the "Kings River" In Lemoore Or By The Sea In Morro Bay

Adult dating is for those of us who enjoy sex just for the sake of sex, couples dating is for those confident in their relationship and secure in their sexuality. It's all about enjoying life; a free sexual life meeting and getting to know other fun and sexy couples. This is the place where you can meet new friends with the same interests. Adult FriendFinder is not a traditional swingers club, more a concept that secure our members good swinger experiences.

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Okay,so here gos... I'm an artist in every sence of the word. I'm very passionate about everything, including sex, and even more so when it comes to my music. I draw and do art, and this coming year I'm starting school for tattooing.

I'm also a musician and singer/songwriter. I Love to play the guitar and perform my own songs. I've been told alot that I sound and even look alot like Tom Petty. That's cool because I Love and respect his music too, but I'm very much into my own vibe.

I Love to get out alot and perform my music and also see other live shows. I also Love to go dancing alot. Nothing like going out and getting your groove on.

.. And then going home with your girl and getting your groove on!!! Ha! I work out and keep my body fit and healthy. I'm a very open minded and sexual being. I don't believe in "quickies".

I think that if a guy can't keep it up for longer than an hour, then he's lame! I tend to go for much longer than an hour, and if you want to find out exactly how long that is, you'll just have to get with me and find out for yourself in person.

I can promise you won't be disappointed, because I'm for real! I Love foreplay too... It really turns me on to take my partner to levels of extacy where she's very vocal and shaking and sqirming uncontrollably! Now that's awesome! Anyway, other than that, I'm a good guy with a good heart, with a great future.

But I'm here to play for now... If I happen to find someone true along the way, then I'm cool with that too. Either way, I'm very much into fun and good times.

If you want to know more, get in touch. Peace! Sex clubs richmond hill on She's good looking, and has a great smile. She's confident, but doesn't let her confidence become arrogance.

She's sexy and isn't afraid to look you in the eyes when talking. She can dress up or dress down and look hot either way. You can look in her eyes and see clearly her bright energy.

She has a voice and isn't afraid to use it. She's very out-going and Loves' to do fun and exciting things together. She Loves music and musicians such as myself, and Loves going to concerts and out dancing.

She has a great attitude on life and keeps herself grounded and down to earth even though she's such a shining star of a girl that any guy would want... And she's also a very open minded and sexual being.

She Loves to kiss and make-out and enjoys foreplay. She Loves to be with her guy and make wild passionate intoxicating Love together for hours! And she Loves her body and the person and spirit that she is.

.. I think that about covers it!

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im 18 and im from pasadena tx i love to skate party drink have fun make people laugh i have 5 tattoos and im getting more sooon sex clubs richmond hill on i want a hot youn pretty smart sweet honest girl

professional - into giving pleasure

I'm sensual, caring and enjoy giving extreme pleasure - it's a real turn-on to see my partner orgasm Sex clubs richmond hill on A woman who enjoys sensual evenings of foreplay and orgasm with a man who enjoys taking his time

Willing to lie about how we met. ;) Sex clubs richmond hill on

Uhg, I am so sick of creepy old men trying to pick me up on here.I'm just looking for friends…maybe sex fun a boufriend….So if you're old and creepy I will not want to meet you, so do not click on me.

Hey People Im Single

Hi My name is Rachel, I wear glasses, have braces(five weeks until braces are off) i live on a Island Sex clubs richmond hill on I want some one either a man or a woman who would be there for me, make me smile when i am sad.

local sexy girl

I am a fun loving, outgoing, funny woman. I love to laugh and have a great time, To be honest I am a single mother with a 2 year old daughter. I love life and want to live it to the fullest! Sex clubs richmond hill on No more lies, No more cheaters, No more bull-! I'm done with the pain and heartache! I just want to chat and meet people.

Punk rock love...

*** She is taking a break for a while. We'll let you know when she's back in the game!***We're both very sarcastic and have a great sense of humor. We like to tease relentlessly and love to horse around. He has a dominant personality and is the life of the party but is not domineering or overbearing.

She is submissive but not a doormat. We both love to please our partners and have fun.We're here to meet and hook up with other people in the lifestyle.

sex fun We love to meet new people and have new experiences. We're not just about sex, we're also about making friends to just hang out with.

He loves to give and receive oral. Great blowjobs are her specialty. We are both into BDSM but it's not a requirement for play partners. We both like dirty talk, rough sex, spanking, groups etc but also are into one on one sensual experiences.

..We love to play as a couple but are also free to play alone. Sex clubs richmond hill on He likes women who are thick and curvy, can laugh easily and who don't have many hang-ups.

She likes big guys who have a dominant personality and dark features. Of course for both there are always exceptions. A great sense of humor and an easy going nature go a long way.

..Dinner and drinks are always a good start and then if things work out they work out. Barring the rare case of immediate, mutual bio-chemically induced, sexual urgency we enjoy getting to know someone before playing with them.

Of course sometimes you can learn alot about someone in a few hours if the right conditions exist. We try not to have too many expectations.

Lets Party!!!

I'm just looking for a little fun! I'm up for anything and willing to try Sex clubs richmond hill on anything at least once! | site map

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A True Diva

Every time I ask a woman to the Opera with me, they always end up crying over the story. Look, I?m just a regular Italian guy who likes to mix culture with beauty. That?s what I wrote on my Easydater ad. So when an angel named Angela answered that she could provide the beauty if I provided the culture, I made a date to meet her. After our first passionate encounter, I bought season tickets. Angela is the perfect date. She really knows how to dress and how to make all the other guys in the room wish they were me. And she has no problem letting a guy know what her needs are and how they are to be fulfilled. A real exhibitionist, Angela must have her pussy licked before heading home. Last week we went to ?Romeo and Juliet?. The world?s most romantic story, and she explodes on me as soon as it finishes. People were filing past us down the grand staircase, watching this gorgeous creature give me shit for the ending, as if I wrote it! I tried to console Angela, but it wasn?t working. What she really needed was a reminder that love lives on - so I did the only thing I could; I grabbed her pussy and gently began to massage her clit. The people didn?t bother her, they were leaving anyway. She leered at me and stage-whispered ?Don?t you think I deserve better?? I knew exactly what she meant. So I got on my knees and got busy. Angela was moaning and wiping the tears from her face as my tongue danced around her delicious pussy. I looked up and saw her scanning the room, truly happy that now she had the audience. My stunning lady pulled my buried tongue from her dripping snatch. The look on her face told me she needed more. I whipped out my cock, and Angela suctioned it down her throat to lube for her pussy. Then I fucked her right there on the staircase, deep firm strokes, all the way and out every time. Angela came, and then I deposited a load in her red lip-sticked mouth before security decided to step in. Those guys were to busy watching to interrupt. But when it was over... Angela adjusted her dress as the guys led us to the exit. The smile on her face told me it was worth the trouble. Just before the doors closed I looked at one security guy and whispered ?She is beautiful?. I hope I haven?t lost Angela to him!