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Fun-loving, bright, humorous, attentive, spiritual, world traveler, speak 8 languages, sensitive, knowledgeable, great companion. Women who want sex in stafford va down-to-earth, fun to be with, easy-going, great sense of humor, sexy, caring, relaxed, eclectic, experimenter, liberal, spiritual.

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well im not lookin for a man, boyfriend,husband,or baby daddy .im lookin for a buddy i like to have fun but i might just want to get to kno u a little bit first . I have a addiction to pussy it is like a drug to me not that i want it all tha time but just when the thrill hits me and i love to give head it makes for a real good nut !!!! just got my tongue pierced and im lookin for somebody to use it on so hit ur gul up he must b open to any and everything there is he must not b ashamed to do whatever whenever so if u like what u read or c then hit me up no fakes,liars.


Adult dating is for those of us who enjoy sex just for the sake of sex, couples dating is for those confident in their relationship and secure in their sexuality. It's all about enjoying life; a free sexual life meeting and getting to know other fun and sexy couples. This is the place where you can meet new friends with the same interests. Adult FriendFinder is not a traditional swingers club, more a concept that secure our members good swinger experiences.

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A breath of fresh air, a woman that motivates me, new interesting people. Women who want sex in stafford va

Ak man trying to weed through the bull and find a down to earth girl(s) for some healthy adult fun. I respect myself and try to respect others as well. Im kinda all over the board as personality goes, kinda shy, kinda outgoing, can be serious or funny.

Like to keep things light and live my life one day at a time. Sick of the "pussy on a pedestal" syndrome here in Ak. Young man like me ought to have no problem getting laid, but unfortunately Alaska girls like to make a guy jump through hoops before they humiliate him in front of their friends.

Thats Ok though, I know who has it going on, and it isnt stuck up hoes. Women who want sex in stafford va Looking for a sexy woman who realizes that there is nothing wrong with two healthy mature adults using what God (or whoever) gave us to shake it up during these long winter nights.

Also wouldnt hurt to have a condo at Mt Hood ;

hello every one

am single and looking to meet some one who knows what he women who want sex in stafford va wants from a woman

I'm looking for an affectionate partner who is sweet and fun.

I love life in southern California. I like to surf or snowboard depending on the season. My favorite dates are a day of high adventure, a night of drinks and dancing or locking ourselves indoors with some good movies.

Women who want sex in stafford va I want to find a girl who is affectionate, fun and sweet. I need someone real who has something to say and a passion for life.

looking for the right friend... Women who want sex in stafford va

I'm originally from Australia and moved to boston sex fun when i was 14 then to calif. when i was 21 open to a lot of different things when it comes to a is what grabs me at that moment and holds my attention.


im a horn dog

I like to have a good time,I like to laugh out loud,Im really easy going and laid back.I have lots of friends,just need a good woman to spice things up with will get all my attention,and more and not smothered in it,I'm a great listener,give me your time I'll give you mine.

im very honest,caring and open minded.Im confident,and got my sh!t together,good job,no drugs,no stds,no crazy ex-girlfriends and no kids.

I have this weird foot fetish I hope this dont turn you off,I dont know where in the hell it comes from but sexy sandels,flips,high heels or walking on your tiptoes with great legs is awsome and makes me appreciate women more.

thank you Women who want sex in stafford va down to earth,laid back,sexy feet are beautiful,has to like football and nascar,be able to hold a conversation well,must like seeing things blow up,hanging out at home doing nothing is always cool,somebody to talk to at anytime about anything,no drama queens,just be yourself and that is a beautiful thing.

funloving sweet and a bit naughty

I have always disliked this part but here it goes.I am a very laid back,sweet and kind person.I love to make others laugh and just go with the flow of things.I am the furthest thing from self centered that there is.

I have been told that I am sexy and beautiful and I say thank you but I just don't see myself that way.I am just me take it or leave it. Life is short Break the rules Forgive quickly Kiss passionately,love truly Laugh constantly And never stop smiling no matter how strange life is Life is not always the party we expected it to be But as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful.

Ok I have to add this now.If you would like to send me a picture of yourself please do not send me a picture of your dick.There are enough dick pictures on this website to go around.

Also if you are 50 or over I am so not interested so please if you email me don't expect a response.And last but not least if you are married don't waste my time.I believe in faithfulness and if you are unhappily married then either try to fix it or get a fuckin divorce!DAMN!!! Ok time to add some new shit.

I am always being asked what it is I am looking for on this site.So here is the answer to that question.I would like to make new friends and maybe find someone for me.I have been single for 2 years by choice and I would like to get into a relationship advenually after taking the time to get to know someone.

I'm not on here to just have sex or meet up with people I havent had the time to get to know I have made that mistake before.I love sex but I just dont give it away to whoever or everyone.

I dont have alot of free time I am a single parent of 2 kids and I do have a fulltime job.Do people not go on dates anymore?lol So I hope that helps anyone wondering what I am looking for. Women who want sex in stafford va Honesty is #1.

Sexy,sweet,caring and he has to have a sense of humor.Supportive.Negative people suck.

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im a lesbian,my style cannot be "myself"ya feel me,&if you want a sexy ass pic of me you have to get to know me 1st ;)...i love all musik,i have 8tats so far..i have a kalm&wild side2me(freak wise as well),i love takeing pics of the sky,im going to the air force in march(shh),i sex fun love the outdoors&indoors(very adventerous.

.very),long walks on sandy beaches lol,ima random funn bi**h that kan make you laugh&enjoy life basically :D ..o&im a pro at long distant relationships or hook ups.

.if im fillin the lady of course im going to kome&see you....anything else just ask Women who want sex in stafford va idk what tha f***k 2put here ha

I'm no good at Headlines.....

Letís see Ė About me huh? For the past 8 months Iíve been learning a lot about myself and what makes me happy. I learned how vulnerable Women who want sex in stafford va I can be and it scares the hell out of me. | site map

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A True Diva

Every time I ask a woman to the Opera with me, they always end up crying over the story. Look, I?m just a regular Italian guy who likes to mix culture with beauty. That?s what I wrote on my Easydater ad. So when an angel named Angela answered that she could provide the beauty if I provided the culture, I made a date to meet her. After our first passionate encounter, I bought season tickets. Angela is the perfect date. She really knows how to dress and how to make all the other guys in the room wish they were me. And she has no problem letting a guy know what her needs are and how they are to be fulfilled. A real exhibitionist, Angela must have her pussy licked before heading home. Last week we went to ?Romeo and Juliet?. The world?s most romantic story, and she explodes on me as soon as it finishes. People were filing past us down the grand staircase, watching this gorgeous creature give me shit for the ending, as if I wrote it! I tried to console Angela, but it wasn?t working. What she really needed was a reminder that love lives on - so I did the only thing I could; I grabbed her pussy and gently began to massage her clit. The people didn?t bother her, they were leaving anyway. She leered at me and stage-whispered ?Don?t you think I deserve better?? I knew exactly what she meant. So I got on my knees and got busy. Angela was moaning and wiping the tears from her face as my tongue danced around her delicious pussy. I looked up and saw her scanning the room, truly happy that now she had the audience. My stunning lady pulled my buried tongue from her dripping snatch. The look on her face told me she needed more. I whipped out my cock, and Angela suctioned it down her throat to lube for her pussy. Then I fucked her right there on the staircase, deep firm strokes, all the way and out every time. Angela came, and then I deposited a load in her red lip-sticked mouth before security decided to step in. Those guys were to busy watching to interrupt. But when it was over... Angela adjusted her dress as the guys led us to the exit. The smile on her face told me it was worth the trouble. Just before the doors closed I looked at one security guy and whispered ?She is beautiful?. I hope I haven?t lost Angela to him!