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About me: About me: I just want someone to snuggle with.A sweet,sincere,caring person. One who can be my best friend as well as my lover. I want to explore all the desires and pleasures in life that go beyond seduction.

I want to feel that tingle. The ectasy and passion,the intense,electricity when she walks in the room and our eyes meet. We don't even have to speak to understand just how we both feel.

To crave that spontanous rush. To feel that giggle in our hearts.Someone that wants to be there, even when times get tough you know in your heart you have each other and everything will be ok.To really feel and understand that to be loved is to give love.

Not just words.To care with your heart and your thoughts. So please-- It is a friend i can share secrets with and a lover i can share everything with. Women for sex in corbin kentucky somebody who is attractive and like sto have fun and live to the fullest

just like that

Music.Drinking.Painting.Smoking.Cooking.Fucking.Metal. AIM-elbo9000 /mrdiggins hot ones. pretty ones. the crazy ones are always good in the sack.

Adult dating is for those of us who enjoy sex just for the sake of sex, couples dating is for those confident in their relationship and secure in their sexuality. It's all about enjoying life; a free sexual life meeting and getting to know other fun and sexy couples. This is the place where you can meet new friends with the same interests. Adult FriendFinder is not a traditional swingers club, more a concept that secure our members good swinger experiences.

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looking real people and mind game players Women for sex in corbin kentucky

im 5'11 athletic build 34 wast 7.5 cut trim to shave open minded honest sincere kind romantic affection likes to kiss i like to travel i play basket ball volleyball i work on cars and truck in my spare time im freak in the sheets gentle men the streets im disease free and get test i love sex i always thing about when i see nice ass where i go and travel around i am tameable thou i do have standards im not no ho either i have respect for people and there feelings but im honest kind caring open minded romantic spontaneous easy listener and talker im mature.

but if ur looking for someone who has drama and plays games im not him im drama free and don't play games if ur up to meet hit me back when and im there will I'm honest kind sincere romantic spontaneous out going bold funny . goal-oriented, communicative, kind-hearted, tender, attentive, calm, cheerful, conscientious, active person, with a good sense of humour.

Many of my friends say that I am a very open-hearted and interesting person. Actually I adore animals im also confident, romantic affectionate compassion, sweet, sincere kind caring and hopeless romantic I like to do a lot things I like to cook ( I have 15 years of cooking experience ) I can cook anything from some simple to making my own Alfredo sauce from scratch I like to listen all type of music love animals I can work on trucks and cars fixing them I don't play games or BS I'm drama free I'm looking for someone who at least have the same interested and no drama Women for sex in corbin kentucky someone that real and not into endless emails

I Believe 'Sex' is NEVER a Dirty Word!!!!

A gentle man, who is mostly also a gentleman. Forever seeking to explore and learn about my erotic sense of self, ( I know, men aren't SUPPOSED to have one of those ) and always happy to find an intelligent woman, to share my discoveries with.

Oh ya....I write 'erotica for women' also. Been writing 360 blogs on this and other subjects for 2 years now. Got some ideas for me? Will chat with anyone on ya who or nsm if you'd rather.

..or you can invite to here, although I just found out I can do nothing on this site but wait for you. Cannot read your messages or add your requests. women for sex in corbin kentucky If you know yourself to be intelligent, of a positive nature, and humourous, (Canadian spelling), I'm interested.

If you believe your sensual side is just part of what makes you so sexy. If you are open, open-minded, as well as honest....then we should talk. (at least!)

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we are no longer together - things happen. He needs someone to spark his interest and let him be the dominate one.She just wants to find someone worth talking to... just to make them wet &/or stiff Women for sex in corbin kentucky NO strings attatched.


Women for sex in corbin kentucky

I like to have fun, I love shopping and hanging out with my kids. I sex fun would love to find out what the world have to offer in a good man!! I just want to chat with people who can be straight foward with me, and what ever happens; then we shall go from there!

I'm a fun guy that likes to party...and i;m looking for a woman who enjoys having fun and the outdoors. If your lookin for a sexy strong guy you came to the right profile.

I'm a kind and genouras guy who will do anything for my friends or family. I always help those in need regardless if i know them. I attend college at IUP as an exercise science major. I'm also a soldier in the US Army.

I'm at a point where the girls here just don't excite me anymore they are all the same any immature as well as slutty. Naturally i am looking for a woman who is somewhat mentally stable as well as smart and confident.

Also, one who is loyal if some sort of relationship did develop. Women for sex in corbin kentucky Im looking for a fun, relaxed, sain woman with a sense of humor. I need a woman with experience and can teach me something new about life among other things.

I'm young but the women that ive incountered just cant cut it for me. I want a woman that can leave me satisfied in the end cause i know for sure she will be.

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I AM RABID...A LITTLE ABOUT ME HUH? OK CHEW ON THIS... To Hell with Love I had to cut my heart strings, causing the psychological bleeding of my soul. I walk to the sea and enter. I don't realize how far I've gone and don't care.

Damn my emotions and to hell with love. I'm drowning in my sea of tears, holding my breath, I kick and swim deeper. I'm back at the sullen wreck, that was my heart.

Knowing I can never rereach the surface, I open my mouth and taste the the salt water, then inhale deeply. My lungs and heart fill with tears hang my emotions and to hell with love.

I am drowning in my dispare my heart an anchor caught in an undertow I can't resist the current that pulls me along as I drown...I wonder will this death end my pain? bury my emotions and To hell with love.

Women for sex in corbin kentucky My Smart, Sexy Open minded Females...The crying time is over girls. MY doesn't excist. Frozen Dreams Hey you , you just stepped on my heart.

Look there on the bottom of your shoe. Yep, that was mine. I needed that. Look at it now, all mashed and unfeeling. If it had been still in my chest that would have hurt but you so kindly ripped it from my ribcage the other day.

Let me tell you that smarts. A heartendectomy without the benefit of anesthetic. You are guility of malpractice of the soul. Condemned to destroywhat you claim to need.

Through tears and lost causes you'll do life, unfeeling, uncaring and alone. Passions will fade it's fire's embers will cool and become weights of ice burning cold to the touch. Your needs will carry them through shattered dreams and false tomorrows I'd like to see you in twenty years see where the decisions you made today deposit you.

You see I have seen the castle of ice you embrace I've resided in your frozen halls a prisoner of iced passions, longing for the warmth of love I'd return sit in the snow and cry.

Forever Rabid For my friends from . That's it that's all I had a ball. Rabid again Anybody want to stay in touch Email address available upon request.

It ends about two weeks from this date...8/4/07 Rabid one final time.

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What'z Good Ladies...Ladies Onli No Dudes But N E Wayz Back 2 My Sexy Ladies Out There/ Dis B Dat Sexy Ass Go Getta Money Makin Stud/Goon/Im 19 Years Of Age/I Am A Freaky Ass Virgo Dey Call Me Head Of State LMAO No Seriously Im Not Conceited But I Am Da Best Head Giver Out Here I Gotta Long Ass Tongue Datta Get Ya Wet/I Stand At 5 Foot I Weigh 125 I Gotta 6 Pack On Deck 4 U Ladies/I Stay Fresh Like A Jordan Shoe Box(Meanin) I Stay Fresh N Wit Da New J's Dat Come sex fun Out Err Saturday Of Da Month/I Have 2 Jobs I Work My Ass Off Like A Strippa Damn Dis Girl Clockin(Onli If U Get It)Im Not Mobile Right Now But I Do Have My L's Meanin Im Saving Up 2 B Sittin High On Dem Thangs.

...I Am A Virgo We Love ATTENTION LADIES If We Dont Get That Its Easy For Us 2 Turn Our Head The Other Direction I Love Being Cuddled,Caked Up,Bood Up,N Anything Else Dat Haves To Do Wit Being N A Relationship If Yall Like What Yall Here Hit Me Up Women for sex in corbin kentucky What Im Looking Fa On Here Is Some One I Can Meet Dats On One Accord With Me With Dis Meeting Shit/Some One Who Is A Full Grown Lesbian Who Aint New 2 Dis But True 2 Dis Like Me/Some One Who Aint On No Bull/Games N ETC.

/Some One Who Knows What Dey Want N No How 2 Get It/SomeOne Who Keeps It Real/Im Looking For A Top Notch Glamour Chick Dat Keep Ha Hair did N Ha Nails Fix/SomeOne Who Can Give Me Da Business N No How 2 Put It On Me/N Dats About Ha Shit Cant B Ugly Fat Or Baldheaded If U Is Atleast Keep Yo Head Did/IM TALKIN BOUT A CHICK DAT WHEN I HEAR HA VOICE OR LOOK HA N EYE I JUST WANNA BREAK OUT N FLY/OR A CHICK DAT CAN SING N MAKE ME GET ON MY KNEE WIT 1 RING N IF YALL LIKE WHAT YALL HERE HIT ME UP LADIES I DONT DO THREESUMS WIT MEN ONLI WOMAN SORRY

Real Niggas Do What They Want To!! Bitch Niggas Do Wat The Can.

Loyal and generous. Sexy. Love Sex. Active in games and interactions. Impatient and hasty. Ambitious. Influential in organizations. Fun to be with. Loves to socialize. Loves speaking my mind. Loves attention. Loves to be loved.

Honest and trustworthy. Not pretending. Short tempered. Changing personality(Sexie,Romantic,Hood you know like dat). Not egoistic. Take high pride in oneself. Hates restrictions. Loves to joke. Good sense of humor.

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A True Diva

Every time I ask a woman to the Opera with me, they always end up crying over the story. Look, I?m just a regular Italian guy who likes to mix culture with beauty. That?s what I wrote on my Easydater ad. So when an angel named Angela answered that she could provide the beauty if I provided the culture, I made a date to meet her. After our first passionate encounter, I bought season tickets. Angela is the perfect date. She really knows how to dress and how to make all the other guys in the room wish they were me. And she has no problem letting a guy know what her needs are and how they are to be fulfilled. A real exhibitionist, Angela must have her pussy licked before heading home. Last week we went to ?Romeo and Juliet?. The world?s most romantic story, and she explodes on me as soon as it finishes. People were filing past us down the grand staircase, watching this gorgeous creature give me shit for the ending, as if I wrote it! I tried to console Angela, but it wasn?t working. What she really needed was a reminder that love lives on - so I did the only thing I could; I grabbed her pussy and gently began to massage her clit. The people didn?t bother her, they were leaving anyway. She leered at me and stage-whispered ?Don?t you think I deserve better?? I knew exactly what she meant. So I got on my knees and got busy. Angela was moaning and wiping the tears from her face as my tongue danced around her delicious pussy. I looked up and saw her scanning the room, truly happy that now she had the audience. My stunning lady pulled my buried tongue from her dripping snatch. The look on her face told me she needed more. I whipped out my cock, and Angela suctioned it down her throat to lube for her pussy. Then I fucked her right there on the staircase, deep firm strokes, all the way and out every time. Angela came, and then I deposited a load in her red lip-sticked mouth before security decided to step in. Those guys were to busy watching to interrupt. But when it was over... Angela adjusted her dress as the guys led us to the exit. The smile on her face told me it was worth the trouble. Just before the doors closed I looked at one security guy and whispered ?She is beautiful?. I hope I haven?t lost Angela to him!